‘revolutionary humanism’ has been thwarted by a society contemptuous of consciousness and therefore has left many artists & thinkers, beholden only to themselves, to define or accept what it means to succeed or fail as one whose social consciousness is not something to wear on one’s sleeve, but a compulsion of which to respond…

KANGALEE’S CAVE hosts critical writings by Juilliard alum (Group 25) and Actors Studio member Dennis Leroy Kangalee (DLK)  -that contributes to a radical media ecology and a new advocacy for the artist in an ever-increasingly corporate and reactionary society.  A critic for the Luminal mobile cinema and best known as the director of the cult classic As an Act of Protest, many of these writings exhibit a Fanonian-Marxist ideology that celebrates  outsider art, dissident views, independent thinking, radical Black filmmaking, the vitality of protest art  and the power of visual liberation.

Director of the Kangalee Radical Arts Ensemble (aka ‘Kangalee Arts’) that inspires and advocates for performing artists and filmmakers whose work is personal as well as political, the ensemble is an outgrowth of both DLK’s criticism and thirty years’ worth of experience and labor as a dramatic artist.  He offers both private Acting coaching and consultations for artists who don’t quite fit the pre-established categories or genres of acting, drama, or filmmaking. 



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