Luminal & Black Film Criticism

Both the Luminal Theater and Kangalee’s Cave publishes essays and reviews on cinema by Kangalee, emphasizing the breadth, dynamics, and challenges facing socially conscious filmmakers, Hollywood’s use of Black actors, the struggle Black filmmakers face when imbuing revolutionary principles into their work, and the incredible legacy left behind by singular Black filmmakers, from Kathleen Collins to Chris St. John.

Kangalee asserts his radical media ecology through a critical eye that is a blurred lens between Marxist ideology and the philosophy of Frantz Fanon.  His approach to film analysis and reviewing is principally through this gaze & his own experiences as a filmmaker, but ultimately about trying to understand an artist’s intent, while offering a constructive criticism, relaying that to an audience, and then offering a personal view of how the film may or may not contribute the Black diaspora’s need to love and free themselves. 

Please feel free to inform us of any films you deem worthy, films you feel that contribute to the progress of a Pan-Africanist mentality, but also the grace of art itself. A lot of good movies, some even great, never receive the criticism, acknowledgment, or praise that they deserve during the filmmaker’s lifetime.

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