A Brother’s Whisper: An Astonishing Directorial Debut

Dalcoe & Ayende as the tortured Husband and Wife in A Brother’s Whisper

Brooklyn auteur Jacinto Taras Riddick offers a new vision in his deceptively simple chamber drama starring Che Ayende, Lekethia Dalcoe, James T. Alfred, and the director himself. Seething with the biblical urgency of James Baldwin, the tension of Harold Pinter, and transgression of Pasolini — A Brother’s Whisper has consecrated a fresh tone of Black drama and American cinema that emphasizes dramatic conflict, acting, and blurs the tenuous line between commercial and avant-garde cinema. It is a modern classic that has looked back in order to go forward – and has changed my life. You can read my review for the Luminal Theater’s Wavelengths here.

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